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Introduction – 15 April 2021

Researchers from the School of Management and Marketing April 15, 2021

Felicity Small, Senior lecturer at the School of Management and Marketing of Charles Sturt University, speaking with Megan Jackson on  2MCE’s Community Drive about a commencing research project, which involves a community garden on the university’s Bathurst campus.

Did you know that pollinators are connected to one in three bites of what you eat?

And that they are super important for soil and water health?

And that they’re the basis of the ecosystem and biodiversity?

There is a general decline of pollinators around the world and in Australia. It’s not just bees, its birds, butterflies and other pollinators. We need to act urgently to address the decline!

A team within the School of Management & Marketing secured a Sustainability at Charles Sturt Grant to create a B&B (Bed & Breakfast for birds, bees, butterflies and biodiversity) on the Bathurst Campus.

This pollinator garden will provide much needed rest and revival for pollinators who are experiencing alarming population declines.

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