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Community of Women Bike Riders Part 2

Rielle Moises and Stacey Fantom March 1, 2021

This two-part series is a range of interviews with female motorbike riders of various ages, various levels of experience and from three states in Australia: New South Wales, South Austrlia and Queensland.

It explores the rise in popularity of female only support groups on Facebook as well as real-life groups. Groups designed to support, encourage, educate and mentor female riders of varying levels of experience.

These interviews explore the differences between female and male riders and the benefits of finding the right group for the individual.

These interviews also highlights the increasing rate of mature-aged women learning to ride. Unlike the familiar term ‘mid-life crisis’ women have a different outlook on why so many have waited until they are older.   

The Collective Self 2.0

with Rielle Moises

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