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SICS Radio – Evolving Horizons: AI’s Impact on Research and Education in Information and Communication Studies

SICS Radio September 4, 2023

This edition of SICS Radio coincides with Social Sciences Week – an annual event that celebrates and showcases the diverse range of social sciences disciplines and research in Australia. We dive in to how AI is changing the face of research and education in information and communication studies. Our three contributors are academics from the School of Information and Communication Studies and have been exploring this hot topic in recent research studies and publications. Dr Kay Oddone is interested in researching the impact of generative AI on school education; and in particular, the leading role Teacher Librarians might play in designing learning with and about these new platforms and tools. Dr Lizzy Tait is researching the ethical applications of AI and algorithmic literacy as well as the impact of AI on the professional knowledge and skills of LIS practitioners and the implications of these new technologies on the future of the profession. In conversation with students and colleagues, Dr Travis Holland is investigating what role generative AI will have in the future careers of media and communication professionals and how will it impact and change the work of those who already occupy those roles. With our show title (and some of this very blurb) coming straight from Chat GPT itself, this episode of SICS Radio is sure to ignite your curiosity and electrify your intellect, leaving you eagerly tuned in for the enlightening discourse ahead.