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The Systems of Romance Effect

July 4, 2023

Every decade of music is a product of the influences that precede it and the alternative music of the 80’s inherited many of its characteristics from the pioneers of punk rock and electronic genres. A band that blended these two forms into a unique mix was Ultravox and their third album Systems of Romance, released in 1978, represented the zenith of this experimentation. As a result the album is regarded as their finest and one that ‘invented’ 80s music.

Post Systems of Romance the band’s time was seemingly over, but the arrival of Midge Ure as vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist revitalised Ultravox and steered them into a far more commercial space than Systems of Romance was headed. But not before the album would inspire and influence the work of many 80’s artists such as, Gary Numan, Duran Duran, Julian Cope and Iva Davies.

This episode of Alt.Eighties –  the ‘Systems of Romance effect’.


Brett Van Heekeren

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