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Dean Mobbs Gallery

Dean Mobbs Gallery, 77 Keppel Street, Bathurst, NSW

The Story So Far

Inspiration for Dean’s artworks has arrived from the many elements of life, society, spirituality and emotional well being associated with a valued, honourable and passionate approach to today’s world. Developmental expressionism and abstraction provide a basis from which his creative spirit and resultant art pieces originate.

Dean’s fresh sense of colour, enrichment and excitement captured within his work allows for the inner you to be embraced whilst at the same time permitting individual and personal interpretations to be experienced.

The opportunity to engage within the realm of art in this way allows for the progressive expression of emotional responses to our environment.

Through colourisation in abstract form Dean and his artworks allow for the development of understanding by engaging in a dialogue of time and change in relation to where we call ‘home’.

Dean’s artworks consist of a variety of colour, shape and distortion utilising multiple media varied frameworks and interpretation whilst also working to transcend a variety of life’s emotions. The artworks created encompass the utilization of mediums such as pen/ink drawings, photography, oils and pastels along with sculpture and collage.

Dean offers his knowledge and experience in the field of art and creativity in the form of individual or group workshops within a private, school or group setting for the benefit of others in their educational growth and creative development.

Dean Mobbs Gallery has also developed a close link to many schools, businesses, charities and general sporting clubs within the Bathurst area as a sponsor and provides donations of his artworks to raise funds in order to benefit the community in multiple ways.

📷 courtesy of Greer Films