Nats promise mental health reforms if coalition is re-elected

The National Party has pledged more than $50 million to youth mental health reforms if the Coalition is re-elected in the New South Wales state election. The reforms will...

Political Profile: Philip Donato

By Campbell Baker and Shaun Paterson On the eve of voting time, it is important for the public within the Central West to understand their candidates from all parties on a deeper level. Throughout this...

Labor candidate for Bathurst talks roads, rail at BMEC conference

by Katelyn Kurtz Labor candidate Beau Riley (left) discussed transport needs for regional NSW, alongside Shooters Fishers and Farmer's candidate Brenden May. Photo: Katelyn Kurtz

Paul Toole committed to the future of Bathurst Sporting grounds

By Will Flynn and Ben Neely George Park, home of the Bushrangers has received state funding for upgrades. PHOTO: Ben Neely.The Bathurst Netball courts on Durham street have received...

Win for Hazelton means a win for health care

by Rachel Holdsworth and Nikita Kumar NSW state election candidate strives to increase the number of professionally trained nurses, given the alarmingly low nurse-to-patient ratio in the Central West....

New licensing regulations tighten Liberals grip on the live music industry

Billy Britton is a paramedic and DJ who believes the government's regulations will kill New south Wales' live music culture. Photo Supplied by Ryan Beetson.

Why getting it done seems to have compromised farmers

By Justin Edwards & Vittorio Travan Brenden May takes tough stance on forgotten Central West Residents. (Source: Vittorio Travan)

Country Labor candidate criticises the Government’s focus on stadiums over regional education

By Monty Jacka, Rebekah Lougher & Taylor Strudwick Opposition Candidate Beau Riley is critical of Government Spending (Image Courtesy of Beau Riley)

Beau Riley’s healthcare promise to Bathurst

If elected, Beau Riley promises $2.1 million to the Bathurst healthcare sector (image courtesy of Central West Daily) If elected, Country Labor candidate for Bathurst Beau Riley, has announced...


Story / Picture by Brenton Larney and Matt Scheepers. Music courtesy of Copyright Free Music. DK Pool Club hosted their Back to School event for CSU students collaborating...