Lack Of Education Funding Leads To Disadvantaged Rural Children

By Matthew Scheepers and Brenton Larney

Country Labour member Beau Riley addressed a public forum at Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre on Thursday morning discussing plans to revamp public education in the Central West.

Four of the six electoral candidates for the Bathurst election addressed the public, with each having a chance to introduce themselves before a chance for the public to have their questions answered by the election hopefuls.

At the forum, Riley addressed issues and policies regarding education in the Central West, with his main priority being to open a new high school in Bathurst if elected.

“Right now the kids are going to suffer unless we open a new school.” Mr Riley addressed the forum.

He cited the overwhelming class sizes that many students are facing at Bathurst High School claiming that the school was “bursting at the seams.”

Another issue Riley touched upon was the students suffrage throughout Bathurst’s intense heat wave periods, and the lack of air-conditioning in school’s across the area. If elected, Riley aims to have functioning air conditioning units installed in all schools throughout the area.

Mr Riley addressing the audience during the forum.

Riley pointed out that there are $6 million dollars worth of maintenance issues within NSW schools and educational institutions and questioned why the opposition hadn’t fixed the issues already.

Teachers resigning due to these conditions was a major concern for Mr Riley and that drastic improvements were a necessity that needed to be implemented.

“We are putting our kids at a disadvantage and they’re not going to come forward with the education they need”.

Mr Riley continued to pressure Mr Toole to confirm whether the land behind Eglinton Public School would be purchased to set aside for future expansion.

The NSW election will be hosted throughout state on the 23rd of March, will all parties involved focusing on different agendas and policies, with the elected party taking control of the NSW Government.